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Why do I need a grinder pump?

Here at Fast Plumbing, we want our customers to feel satisfied with the service they request. The grinder pump is a device that collects all water from the residential or commercial property. A grinder pump will collect showers, toilets, dishwaters, sinks, etc until the tank hits a full mark. At that point, the pump will start running and all the collected water will be pump to the sewer line. A grinder pump works like a household garbage disposal but on a bigger scale. Call Fast Plumbing for grinder pump services San Antonio TX. We perform grinder pump repairs, alarms, and replacements. Call us today!

Water waste flows from household or commercial business onto the grinder pump unit. The grinder pump will grind all residue and export it to the main sewer service line.

What if the grinder pump alarm goes off?

Grinder pump alarm is a warning that the water level has raised more than the limit or the level of water is too low. This system controls the grinder pump from being overused. The best thing to do when the alarm goes off is to push the red button switch on the panel box. This will turn off the alarm. Contact a professional to come and examine the problem.

What Cause The Alarm To Go Off?

They are many possible events that could trigger the alarm:

  • Too much water is going through the septic system. Several loads of laundry increases the amount of detergent in the septic system. Other possibilities could be a long period of showers or excessive dishwashing.
  • Groundwater is getting into the system. During bad weather, rainwater can invade the septic system. Standing water around the grinder pump can also seep through the pump causing the water level to rise.
  • Something may be wrong with the grinder pump system. There are several parts to the grinder pump, the pump, alarm, floats, timer, etc may be damaged and not allowing them to work correctly.


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